14th August 2009, CRPF and SPOs entered the house of Soni Sori in search of Mr. Lingaram Kodopi; cannot find him. (Soni Sori is a warden and school teacher at the residential ashram school in Jabeli, Kuakonda block, Dantewada District, Chhattisgarh. She is Lingaram Kodopi’s aunt).

31st August 2009Lingaram Kodopi is forcibly picked up from his house in Sameli village, district Dantewada, locked up, and physically and mentally tortured and pressurised to become a Special Police Officer (SPO).

18th September 2009, Kodopi’s brother files a Writ petition (habeas corpus) in the High Court of Chhattisgarh, alleging forcible detention of Mr. Kodopi by the Chhattisgarh police.

6th October 2009, Lingaram produced before court, the Hon’ble High Court of Chhattisgarh at Bilaspur directs that Lingaram Kodopi be allowed to return to his family.

6th October 2009, Lingaram’s brother is taken by the Chhattisgarh Police.

7th October 2009, Lingaram’s brother is released by the Chhattisgarh police.

October 2009, Lingaram enrols in the “International Media Institute of India” in Noida, UP, for a course in journalism.

9th-11th April 2010, Lingaram participated in the Independent Peoples Tribunal on Land Acquisition, Resource Grab and Operation Green Hunt at New Delhi and speaks about how he was tortured and forced to join as SPO of the Chhattisgarh police force.

8th July 2010, SPOs and Chhattisgarh Police harass Soni Sori for Lingaram’s wherabouts.

10th July 2010, Soni Sori’s husband Anil Putane, is arrested by the police for his purported involvement in the attack on Avadhesh Gautam, a Congress leader’s house. His Bolero is also confiscated by the police.

13th July 2010, The Senior Superintendent of Police of Dantewada held a press conference and released a press statement claiming that Lingaram Kodopi was the prime suspect in the attack on Avadhesh Gautam’s house and that “this attack was masterminded by Lingaram Kodopi, a resident of Sameli village.”

15th or 16th of July, 2010, Soni Sori is kept in police detention against her will for several hours, and harassed and badgered by the police to force her to sign a false statement that Mr. Kodopi had received training in Andhra and other places, and attended a meeting in the forest a week before the attack on Congress Leader Avadhesh Gautam’s house.

26th November 2010, Certificate issued by ‘Sankul Coordinator’ to say that Soni Sori has been performing her duties as School Teacher in the government school regularly. Soni Sori is a residential school’s warden at Jabeli Ashram in Dantewada.

22nd December 2010, Soni Sori declared “Absconder” by the DIG/SSP South Bastar, Dantewada.

April 2011, Lingaram Kodopi returns to Dantewada and documents the stories of villagers whose homes (approximately 300 in number) were razed to rubble in a three-day police operation. He visits the burnt villages of Morpalli, Tadmetla and Timmapuram, and sees the debris of attacks by the COBRA and Koya Commandos. He also meets raped women and records on video precise narrations of police atrocities. He begins to document the stories of his own people.

14th June 2011, Maoists attack the house of, and shoot at Madru Ram Soni, Soni Sori’s 70 year old father. Madru, 3 times village sarpanch and the brother of a former MLA is sent to Jagdalpur government hospital.

15th August 2011, Maoists try to put up a black flag in Lingaram’s village. Lingaram refuses and tears it in front of them. Soni Sori refuses to let Maoists remove the Indian flag from her ashram school.

9th September 2011, Dantewada police charge Soni Sori, and her nephew Lingaram Kodopi of being ‘naxalite accomplices’ who were collecting money from Essar contractor groups.

8th September 2011, Soni Sori is asked by Constable Mankar to convince her nephew, Lingaram Kodopi, to “co-operate” with the police in arresting a contractor with the Essar company. When Soni Sori refuses, the Constable forcibly snatches her phone and calls up the contractor, asking him to come to the Palnar village market on 9thSeptember 2011.

9th September 2011, Lingaram Kodopi is picked up from Soni Sori’s father’s house in Palnar by some people in plain clothes. The plainclothesmen refuse to identify themselves to Soni Sori and take Mr. Kodopi to an undisclosed location. Newspapers report that the police have arrested Mr Lingaram Kodopi under charges transferring money to the Maoists.

10th September 2011, After Soni Sori’s nephew Lingaram is arrested by the police in falsified cases and serious charges are put on her, Sori receives an anonymous phone call from the Kirundal Police Station, informing her that Lingaram is with the police, and a police search party is being dispatched for Soni Sori.  The caller counsels Soni Sori to flee since the police party can “encounter” her.  Soni Sori takes the advice, and decides to spend a few days in the forest.

11th September 2011, armed police team shoot unprovoked at Soni Sori near her village, Sameli. Soni escapes.

3rd October 2011, a team of Dantewada Police from Chhattisgarh raid the Jaipur residence of Kavita Srivastava, general secretary of Peoples’Union for Civil Liberties, in search of Soni Sori.

4th October 2011, Soni Sori is arrested in New Delhi. Soni pleads for bail, failing which she asks to be held in custody inDelhi to face all investigations as she fears for her life in Chhattisgarh.

7th October 2011, Soni’s plea to remain in Delhi is rejected and she is handed over to the Chhattisgarh Police on the 7th of October with the Magistrate assuring her “not all police are bad.” The Magistrate gives the Chhattisgarh Police instructions to ensure Soni’s safety (thus acknowledging the danger to her) and produce her at the local court. The Delhi High Court directs Chhattisgarh Police to inform HC of measures taken to keep her safe.

10th October 2011, Soni Sori is brought to the Dantewada Court, she cannot get down from the police van and go to the courtroom; her statement is taken by a court clerk, and the Magistrate passes an order without seeing her. The police claim that ‘she slipped in the bathroom and had hurt her head’. The examining doctor at the Dantewada District Hospital said ‘she was brought in unconscious, the X-ray showed injuries on her head and back, and black marks were observed on her fingertips’ – indicating she had received electric shocks.

14th October 2011, Principal Secretary of Chhattisgarh government, N. Baijendra Kumar assures activists inDelhi that Soni Sori is ‘safe in jail and that her wounds are not serious. He says that the Health Secretary has ‘confirmed the fact’ so there is no need for concern about her safety; since Dantewada Superintendent of Police Ankit Garg and state DGP Anil M Nawaney has told the Secretary that Ms. Sori had not been ill-treated.

21st October 2011, letter sent from Dantewada jail where Soni Sori states that on 8th October 2011, from 12 midnight to 2:30 am, SP Ankit Garg calls Soni sori into a room in the police station, gives her electric current shocks, takes her clothes off and severely tortures her. In a letter to activists, Soni writes: “… whatever SP Ankit Garg did was very painful and this type of deed should not be perpetrated on any other woman” and further on, she adds, “… Ankit Garg has taken away my all (sab kuch chhina hai).” No action is taken against Ankit Garg.

25th November 2011, Supreme court (on previously made orders) receives an independent medical review from NRS Medical College Hospital in Kolkata. The report states that: two stones have been found inserted in Soni Sori’s vagina and one in her rectum. The MRI scan shows that she has annular tears on her spine.