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Keep the Flame Alive….She Has Rekindled

For Justice, Safety and Gender Equality

End Violence Against Women!


Women’s Freedom ! People’s Freedom!

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Freedom Parade

Mandi House to Jantar Mantar

Assemble at Mandi House at 2pm

Freedom Without Fear

Campaign Against Sexual Violence and Gender Discrimination

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JAN 26TH 2013, A crusade for creativity , Bol ke Lab Azaad hain tere… Mumbai.
No Indian can keep quiet, when the freedom of his country is for sale.While the most lethal epidemic is spreading in the world, only a few humans stand resolute against the enemy of humanity and are determined to remain altruistic. At any given point of time, such people are only a small handful. Dictators consider them as a major threat, hence they first try to woo them to join the thieves’ guild and be one of them. If all fails, they are offered a high post in the governmental machinery, a position of power or even monetary funds, in order to silence their noble quest for ever. If these measures fail, they construct new prisons for these humane persons and try to crucify them.What is going on today? There is a constitution in this country, albeit without a soul. All pillars of democracy are dilapidated. Only those who have financial capital, rule the media and can brag and pontificate on anything. The supporters of Brahmanism and under-belly of capitalism keep blabbering nonsense incessantly. Those who are misleading the society by screaming utter lies have been given freedom of expression; and those, who write and speak the truth are forcefully silenced either by means of the police power or by the side-kick fascist organisations. But these moves are no more a secret.We must strive to propagate, protect  our human rights.

Opening :  Pushpa Bhave J V Pawar, Khalil Deshmukh, Anand Shinde will be present
Saturday, 26th January 2013, 4.30 pm At Dr Ambedkar Bhavan, Gokulpasta lane, behind Chitra Cinema, Dadar (W), Mumbai
Cultural programme to be presented by a new vibrant team of performers. From folk to Rock…..
An invitation by supporters of freedom of speech and expression
KOLKATA- PROTEST  AGAINST Ankit Garg  being  presented with a gallantry award on the republic day last year.  
Demand for withdrawal of the Gallantry Award
Place- College Square Kolkata
Jan 25th – 2.oopm-5.00pm
 contact-  Punyabrata Goon at -98 30 922194