Letters From Jail





Respected Guruji,

Loving salutations!

How are you all?  I think of you all very often.  This life is dependent on your efforts.  These people have made many inquiries about you and your NGO. I can’t go into all the details in this letter, but I will share a few things with you. 

They asked me, how do you know him? I told them that he is my Guru.  Whatever was done to him while he was in Chhattisgarh—was that right or wrong?  I said whether it was the Chhattisgarh government who did it, or the police and leaders – whoever did it, did wrong.  But they said, why do you think this way?  I said the Guru who teaches me to fight for the truth, taught me to struggle, how can he be wrong?  Whatever struggle I am conducting today is all because of what was taught to me by Guruji.  Will he come to Chhattisgarh?  I said he will have to come.  Because it isn’t my suffering alone – in this jail, there are 50 women who are in deep trouble.  Like me, they were hunted and brought here, and then charged in false cases.  Now even these people don’t need them.  Many such things were debated. Since the time that I was brought to this jail, every day people introduce me to new stories of their sufferings, and I think of you. I try to give them some faith.  When I meet you, I will tell you everything.  Here also, there is much discussion about you. I keep waiting, thinking that at least a few of you all will come to meet me.

I also keep trying in the court.  I try to inform the court about everything that is happening to me.  Still the judge in the court (the magistrate) doesn’t take me seriously.  This is how it appears to me.  You are more familiar about the situation here than us.  On hearing on the 14.11.2011, there was a debate with the Judge madam, Smt. Yogita Wasnik, in which even my lawyer Dubey sir was not present.  Madam said that you were presented in my court after being brought from Delhi; at that time you were just alright.  I told her that I was okay at that time. It was only after being presented in your court that these policemen did all this to me in the night, in which SP Ankit Garg and others participated.  I cannot forgive Ankit Garg.  Madam, what was my fault?  If I had done something wrong, then I should have been questioned without being tortured and brought into the court.  The court could have decided how to punish me.  But they kept me in their custody and gave me such a severe punishment.   

Guruji, Madam said that when you were brought to the court on 10.10.2011, then why did you not tell all this in the court?  I would have taken immediate action.  Then, I asked her that why did you not call me inside your court?  She started to say that they [the police] told me that you had fallen in the bathroom and cannot get up.  Even then, Madam, you should have given the order that I should be brought into the court in whichever manner.  If that had happened, I would have surely tried to tell you everything that happened.  You kept me outside the court and passed the order that I should be moved into jail.  Outside the court, how could I tell all this in front of very policemen who were responsible for my condition. 

There were also arguments about the case.  Guruji, on 14.11.2011, three cases were presented in the court.  On these also, there were arguments.  Madam said more cases have come in against you.  I said that instead of telling me this, Madam, you should ask the policemen what they were doing for the past one and a half years and why didn’t they arrest me.  Madam started to say that I have asked the police and they say that you were always absconding.  I said that if it were so, then they would have given information to your court earlier that that this woman is absconding. Then, Madam, why did you not take action earlier?  You should have sent a notice from the court to my education department (my employers).  Then Madam smiled and said, you are absolutely correct.  I myself get confused when I think about your case.  I am not able to understand all this.  On one hand, you are drawing salary from the state, and the police also did not inform this court that you are absconding. 

Guruji, please do something. I am deeply troubled by my condition.  I am innocent, and yet I am in jail. And all the people who did this to me, they are all outside.  It is better to die than go through all this.  What all these people did to me is in front of my eyes every minute, every moment.  I cannot forget it.  Ankit Garg SP has said to me—“all this Court, Rules and law, everything gets decided in my office.”

Smt. Soni Sori (Sodhi)