WSSS complaint to NHRC

National Human Rights Commission  New Delhi, India
Case Details of File Number: 541/33/3/2011
Diary Number 152085
Name of the Complainant VANI AND DEEPTI & OTHERS
Address N.A.
Name of the Victim SONI SORI
Place of Incident DANTEWADA
Date of Incident 10/10/2011
Direction issued by the Commission After receiving a complaint that Ms Soni Sori, now in judicial custody in Chhattisgarh, faced “continual and gross mistreatment by the jail authorities”, the Commission sent a team of its officers to enquire. The report of the Commission’s team shows that there are grounds to believe that Soni Sori has on several occasions been singled out for harsh and humiliating ill-treatment. Even as a prisoner, she has a right to personal dignity and the right not to be subjected to physical or psychological abuse. It appears that these rights have sometimes been violated. The Commission expects the Government of Chhattisgarh to ensure that the traumatic ordeals and the odious practices to which Soni Sori has been subjected more than once are immediately stopped and do not recur. The Commission also trusts that the Government of Chhattisgarh will ensure that the human rights of all prisoners in its custody are respected by the public servants in whose charge they are. The Commission asks it to ensure that jail staff do not ill-treat or abuse any prisoner, or discriminate against any of them. A report will be expected from the Chief Secretary, Government of Chhattisgarh by the 2nd May, 2013.
Action Taken Additional Information Called for (Dated 3/14/2013 )