Petition to President

In a civilized, constitutional democracy there is no place and there can be no excuse, whatsoever, for torture including sexual violence under any circumstances. It raises serious concerns about the security and dignity of women.

It  is deeply shocking that on  26th January 2012  S P Ankit Garg  has been conferred with thePresident’s Police Medal for Gallantry. It is disturbing to note that in spite of a large number of citizens’ groups, nationally and internationally, protesting against SP Ankit Garg’s unlawful and criminal conduct, the government has deemed it fit to confer him with a gallantry award, especially while the Honourable Supreme Court is still examining her complaints. Conferring an award in the face of these complaints, which have not even received a cursory investigation, amounts to condoning the sexual torture inflicted on Ms Sori and the violence which is being perpetrated on tribal population of this country, in the name of anti-Naxal operations.

As the constitutional head of this country, we approach the President  with deep regard and faith thathe shall ensure that the rights and dignity of the most vulnerable and marginalized will be upheld and the fundamental guarantees promised by the Indian Constitution, of justice, equality and right to life enforced.